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Sunday , November 29 , 2015
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Alan V. Fell
Senior Associate

Alan is a Balanced Scorecard Institute Senior Associate and a UK-based management consultant and trainer who has focused his last 17 years experience on the Balanced Scorecard and its practical application within strategy execution programmes.

After a successful career with a major London-based bank, Alan began a second career as an independent consultant / trainer in 1996, having already achieved 3 years experience of leading an early BSC programme within his former bank. As Alan describes it – “when we started the BSC in 1993 there were no consultants, trainers, text-books nor conferences on the subject. We just had the initial Harvard papers and a lot of initiative and enthusiasm. It’s a great way to learn.”

As a trainer, focusing mainly on the Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Execution matters, Alan has conducted well over 200 events across the world, but with a special focus on the Middle East and, to a lesser extent, South East Asia. Across the Middle East Alan’s Scorecard assignments have covered a wide range of industry sectors, within private and public ownership.

One of Alan’s special areas of interest is applying the BSC to SME organisations – requiring a streamlined, timely and practical approach compared to text-book major project case studies.

Alan is often described as bringing a pragmatic no-nonsense approach to his consulting and training assignments. He has a particular interest in ensuring that organisations make best use of their scorecards.

 Alan V. Fell