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Thursday , April 17 , 2014
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The Balanced Scorecard Institute has helped a diverse range of commercial, government and nonprofit organizations with balanced scorecard and performance management system development, traditional strategic planning facilitation, and performance management software system selection. Institute consulting & facilitation services combine training, facilitated team building, and problem-solving consulting and coaching to help clients build their own balanced scorecard strategic management system.  Services can vary from a comprehensive role for the Institute to more of an advisory role. 

The process of developing a scorecard system typically begins with a strategic planning offsite with senior leadership team. From there, the client's unique system is built entirely on the client's location during a series of facilitated workshops organized around the customizable Nine Steps to Success framework.  The Institute's experienced facilitator/consulting Associates train the client's team, facilitate all workshops, and help develop the scorecard system in a short time, typically 6 – 12 weeks. The consulting option is the most effective at taking advantage of Institute experience and lessons learned, and having a system built and operational in the shortest period of time and with the least amount of difficulty and burden. Many clients chose the consulting approach because it affords the greatest chance of affecting organization change, aligning vision, strategy, and operations, and achieving higher organization performance.

If you would like to learn more about how the Balanced Scorecard Institute can help your organization, call (919) 460-8180 or contact us electronically.



 Need Your Strategic Management Health Checked?

Why Implement a Balanced Scorecard?

  • Increase focus on strategy and results
  • Improving organizational performance by measuring what matters
  • Align organization strategy with the work people do on a day-to-day basis
  • Focus on the drivers of future performance
  • Improve Communication of the Organizations Vision and Strategy
  • Prioritize Projects & Initiatives