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Sunday , October 23 , 2016

Strategic Planning and Management Certification

Strategy Management Group / Balanced Scorecard Institute (SMG/BSI) is a Registered Educational Provider (REP) that provides training towards the Association for Strategic Planning (ASP) Body of Knowledge requirements for the Strategic Management Professional (SMP) and the Strategic Planning Professional (SPP) certification and recertification. We are also a partner in the Strategy Professional Resource Center, an organization that provides ASP Certification Preparation Tools and Training.

The ASP is the premier professional association for those involved in strategic thinking, planning, and action. SMG/BSI has gone through a rigorous process by ASP to guarantee the highest standards of quality. As a qualified REP, many of our established training courses will help teach and prepare strategic planning professionals the ASP's Body of Knowledge requirements so they can achieve SPP and SMP certification. Those with a SMP and/or SPP certifications have set themselves apart from the competition by demonstrating the highest level of competency in Strategic Planning and Strategic Management.

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ASP's 2016 World Strategy Week

Association for Strategic Planning (ASP) is excited to announce World Strategy Week 2016, the week of May 16-20, 2016.

World Strategy Week is the premier annual gathering of the global strategy community, providing the best thinking, information and inspiration to organizations to use strategic leadership, thinking, planning and action to attain transformational results.

In light of the prevailing hypercompetitive business environment, a shift in strategic thinking is needed to meet the demand of the new normal. This year’s World Strategy Week theme “SHIFT: Strategy in a changing world” will offer global and local virtual and face-to-face events that will explore Innovation, Sustainability, Collaboration, People, and Data as strategy.

Each day during the week of May 16-20, 2016, ASP will offer a daily 2 hour webinar on the five core themes of “SHIFT: Strategy in a changing world.” There will be over 25 panelists who are thought leaders, organization leaders and experts.

Invest your time in this webinar series for you and your organization and experience hearing from thought leaders who study these megaforces and apply strategies to transform organizations.

In case you cannot attend, ASP will be recording the webinars and you will get all the webinar recordings to watch at a time convenient for you.

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ASP's 2016 Strategy Webinar Series

The Association for Strategic Planning is delighted to announce the 2016 strategy webinar series designed to enable strategic professionals throughout the world keep up to date with topics of interest and the strategic tools.  Take this opportunity to further develop your skills on a variety of topics aligned with Strategic Thinking, Planning and Action.

ASP has assembled a series of topics and expert speakers to support professionals who have some familiarity and interest in each topic and want to learn more to apply in their own organization and practice. All the webinars are educational in nature and may provide additional reading material either as pre-reading or as follow up to the topic. Some of the information will be helpful to those taking the ASP Certification in Strategy Planning. Live webinars will provide an opportunity for you to ask questions through the moderator.

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