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Wednesday , December 07 , 2016

Developing Meaningful Performance Measures for Business & Government

Course 355 - 3 Days
Price: call for a price quote for on-site offering

Performance measures are a key output from a balanced scorecard system. This course provides essential guidance and allows participants to practice developing meaningful strategic and operational performance measures for balanced scorecard systems. Participants are taught what to measure, how to measure directly and indirectly, how to set targets and thresholds, how to develop composite measures using lower level performance measures, how to measure outcomes, outputs, processes, and inputs, and how to use performance information software to produce visually appealing information that can better inform decision making throughout an organization. Leading and lagging measures are explored, as are measures of results and the processes that produce results. This course covers beginning and advanced topics of performance measurement. Print Brochure


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Course Overview
This new course expands on our previous offerings (Courses 304, 354) to create a full 3-day intensive course on how to derive and refine meaningful performance measures for your organization.

The course is organized into eight modules that are designed to prepare the participants to develop measures of organizational results, as well as operations and processes, and to link operational measures to related results. Participants should also be able to take measures and turn them into manageable data and useful performance information.