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Maintaining your Credentials

Recertification is based upon earning 50 credits through continuing education, contributions to the field, and on the job experience. The Institute has established a certification committee to oversee the certification program.

All Certifications expire on December 31, three years from the year a person originally certified (e.g., if you certified in 2017, regardless of which month of the year, your certification is due for renewal by December 31, 2020).

Annual recertification notices are sent, as a courtesy, in the first quarter of the year in which the individual is due for renewal and additional reminders are sent throughout the year. Accompanying the reminder notice, will be a link to, information regarding the recertification process and instructions to access the recertification application form and guidelines.

Why Get Recertified?

Certification is a great way to accelerate your career in strategic planning and balanced scorecard. Even if you have been working with balanced scorecards for many years, certification is an excellent way to market yourself and stand out from the crowd. Earning certifications shows a potential employer (and your current one) that you are willing to test your knowledge against best practices. Recertification demonstrates that you have continued to apply yourself in the field of strategic performance management and are attuned to new learnings, developments, tools, and techniques. In other words, you are continuing to develop as a professional in this career field.

Requirements for Recertification

All candidates for the Recertification must follow these three steps:

  • Download an application below. Fill out and sign the application. Forms must be signed by the applicant in order to be processed.
  • Submit the completed the application electronically to by December 31st of the year of your recertification date
  • Remit the recertification fee below.  The recertification fee is $295.00 and is non-refundable. An applicant will not be considered for recertification without payment.

If you have any questions, please contact our Training Manger, Terry Sterling at the above email address.

Evaluation Criteria and Scoring

Recertification is based on credits earned while engaged in related activities. Fifty certification credits are needed to be recertified.  The potential and maximum credit levels are listed at the top of each category on the application.

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