Balanced Scorecard Software

Balanced Scorecard Software: Business Intelligence, Dashboards and Performance Management Systems

Balanced scorecard software enables organizations to monitor and manage performance metrics and strategy implementation to achieve future goals. It puts your strategy map, performance measures, related initiatives, and other dashboards at your employee’s fingertips. It automates the reporting process and eliminates all the complex spreadsheet maintenance needed for data normalization and composite index creation. Automation adds structure and discipline to balanced scorecard implementation and helps communicate performance information. In short, automation helps people make better decisions because it offers quick access to actual performance data.

There are hundreds of balanced scorecard and/or performance management automation solutions available. Some of the options are specifically dedicated to performance management and/or the balanced scorecard, while others are designed for business intelligence, analytics or data warehousing but have modules dedicated to performance management. The Balanced Scorecard Institute formally recommends the Spider Impact, developed by Spider Strategies and co-marketed by the Institute, but also advises clients on the many excellent software options available, many of which are also partners of the Balanced Scorecard Institute.

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