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Measuring Strategic Impact in a ‘Right Now’ World

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Measuring Strategic Impact in a ‘Right Now’ World

Recorded: June 15, 2022

As we all adapt our long-term strategic thinking into a permanent sprint organized around agility, most strategy leaders find their long-term approach to measuring success to be too slow. Even organizations that have embraced strategic agility can be more effective if they have a process and culture for systematic measurement. Measuring strategic success when your goals are shifting is not easy, as desired outcomes are often articulated on the fly as abstract and vague ideals. As a result, many KPIs or OKRs often miss the mark, and inform only on the more obvious and less strategic elements of the plan, such as project milestones and operational efficiencies.

Join Balanced Scorecard Institute Chief Operating Officer David Wilsey on this webinar and learn how to develop meaningful KPIs and OKRs that boost enterprise-level success and enable strategic agility. Participants will see how meaningful and strong KPIs provide insight into whether strategies are working, whether programs, projects and services are effective, and whether employees’ attention is focused on what matters most to success.

During this session, you will develop a basic level understanding of:

  • Practical techniques for measuring and achieving results using BSI’s new MPRA framework
  • How to adapt KPIs or OKRs on the fly in the face of disruption
  • How to enable a culture of agile performance improvement using measurement


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