Strategic Management Maturity: Does YOUR Organization Measure Up?

Strategy Management Maturity Assessment

Strategic Management Maturity: Does YOUR Organization Measure Up?

March 23, 2023 – Replay Available Below

As you kick off your strategic planning effort are you unsure how far behind the curve of strategy planning and development your organization is? Are you addressing all the elements of strategic management adequately to give the strategic plan a chance of success? Do you sense that planning efforts are not supported at all levels of the organization? Is there a disconnect between how your leadership team would grade your strategic management maturity relative to that of executives, managers, supervisors, team leaders and shop floor/field personnel?

In this recorded webinar, BSI Senior Vice President & Senior Consultant Joe DeCarlo will cover the eight strategic dimensions that will help executives and managers with the ability to improve strategic management in their organizations. He will review how the assessment works as well as the historical findings from other organizations for benchmarking purposes.

Attendees will learn:

  • The various dimensions of strategic management and understand why they important
  • How you can use the assessment information results to identify gaps in your strategy management efforts compared to other organizations
  • What steps are needed to improve your organization’s maturity results


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