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Strategy + Innovation

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Recorded 04/06/2017 – Replay Below

Webinar: Strategy + Innovation

Do you know the critical factors for successfully introducing and managing strategic innovation in your organization? Are you trying to develop and maintain a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship? What approach are you taking to unearth, capture and implement new ideas? Are you unsure of the role of leaders and executives in innovation management? Join Howard Rohm, Co-Founder and President, and Joe DeCarlo, Vice President, International, of the Balanced Scorecard Institute, as they discuss how to improve strategy execution with innovation, and how to improve the strategic innovation process. This webinar will provide valuable insights about these timely topics of performance management. Webinar Topics:
  • Strategy Execution
  • Alignment, and Planning Creating an Innovation Strategy for your Organization
  • Incorporating Innovation into Process Improvement
  • Managing Innovation
  • Lessons Learned in Strategy Execution and Innovation
  • Measuring Strategic Results
  • Measuring Innovation Success
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