Using Dashboards to Bring Strategy to Life

Recorded 10/20/2020 – Replay Below

Using Dashboards to Bring Strategy to Life

Many organizations properly invest in planning and KPI development but then fail to fully implement their plan and improve performance. They develop and communicate goals and objectives that they never achieve because they simply don’t know how to manage and share performance information or hold effective performance meetings. The transition from planning to execution gets bogged down by poor reporting practices, confusing performance visualizations, or ad hoc meeting agendas that are counterproductive to strategic performance goal achievement.

To learn more about how to effectively use dashboarding software as part of a performance management review meeting cadence, join BSI Chief Operating Officer David Wilsey and Spider Strategies Customer Experience and Training Consultant Tom Keating for a 1-hour webinar to explore:

  • Why the transition from planning to implementation often stalls
  • How a performance management cadence can bring discipline to strategy execution
  • Advantages of different strategy and performance visualizations
  • A complete simulation of regularly-scheduled performance review meetings designed to drive performance action and improvement



Strategy Implementation: The Performance Management Cadence

  • Introduction: why the transition to strategy implementation stalls
  • Performance review meetings

Leveraging Dashboards, Reports, and Briefings

  • Advantages of different strategy and performance visualizations and how each can help facilitate strategy execution

A Performance Review Meeting Simulation Using Dashboarding Technology for a Coffee Store

  • Step through the agenda of a regularly-scheduled performance review and examine how scorecards, dashboards, reports and a briefing book of measures and related initiatives all come together to facilitate productive meetings and drive performance action and improvement


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