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QuickStart™ balanced scorecard consulting services provide your team with the structure and discipline to develop the initial draft of your strategy and scorecard system in about a week. Available online or in person and as a concentrated week or spread out over months, our expert consultants will help train and facilitate your team through steps 1-6 of the Nine Steps to Success™ framework.

Balanced Scorecard Consultation

Our consulting services are tailored to each client’s unique needs to help you:

  • Develop a balanced strategic plan and scorecard that will deliver results
  • Develop meaningful performance measures / KPIs
  • Align work with strategy
  • Create a strategic plan as part of an annual cycle

Our facilitation approach builds off our Nine Steps to Success framework, which is a disciplined, practical, and tested approach to developing a strategic planning and management system based on the balanced scorecard. We adapt the framework to reflect the client’s unique needs and schedule, but training is always an integral part of the framework, as is change management, and problem solving. Emphasis is placed on “teaching clients to fish, not handing them a fish”, so the scorecard system can be sustained after our consultants leave. The system components are developed by your team during a series of facilitated workshops that are designed to be high energy and focused on specific deliverables.

The QuickStart™ Program

The QuickStart™ program is a ten-session interactive experience designed to help get your team started with our award winning Nine Steps to Success™ framework for a fixed price. Customized for each client, each session includes up to four hours of training or group facilitation designed to give you the confidence that your team is using the terminology correctly and implementing the system consistently in order to:

  • Focus on strategy
  • Improve organizational performance
  • Align work with strategy
  • Shift focus from activities to results
  • Improve communication of Vision and Strategy
  • Prioritize

Enable Your Team 

Each session will include just-in-time training for each scorecard component so that busy leaders and managers can competently build useful strategy components without having to become certified Balanced Scorecard Professionals. All training content is derived from our Professional Certification programs, which were developed and are offered in partnership with The George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership.


While customized for each client, all sessions will include a mix of training and facilitated exercises designed to encourage engaged dialog across your leadership team, building from the basic outline below.

Session One (Champions / Leaders only)
  • Establish Teams and Roles, Process and Procedures, and plan for Automation
  • Plan for Change Management
  • Plan to Communicate “Why BSC and Why Now?”
Session Two (Strategy Management Team)
  • Balanced Scorecard Overview Training
  • Mission, Vision and Values
Session Three
  • Refine Mission, Vision, and Values
  • SWOT, Customer Value Proposition and/or other strategy exercises
Session Four
  • Strategy Profile
  • Perspectives
  • Strategic Themes
Session Five
  • Strategic Results and Strategic Objectives
Session Six
  •  Strategy Mapping
Session Seven
  • Strategy Mapping and Objective Documentation
Session Eight
  • Performance Measures / KPIs
Session Nine
  • Performance Measure / KPI Definition
Session Ten
  • Initiative Prioritization
  • Rollout and Communications Planning

About the Balanced Scorecard

The balanced scorecard is a strategic planning and management system used by organizations to communicate and align around strategy, prioritize, and measure performance. The name “balanced scorecard” comes from the idea of looking at strategic measures in addition to traditional financial measures to get a more “balanced” view of performance. Business, government, and nonprofit organizations worldwide use the balanced scorecard system to:

  • Break down intangible strategic vision into specific, actionable steps
  • Get everyone focused on strategy
  • Choose measures that help you achieve tangible results

Need help with Balanced Scorecard implementation?

“The balanced scorecard fosters consistency in strategic planning and performance management throughout our organization. It provides us the framework for sustaining a disciplined and data-driven approach to decision making.”

John McGillicuddy

Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

“Although we only implemented the balanced scorecard approach a couple of years ago, we have already seen improvements in our operations. The [Nine Steps to Success™] approach helps us focus on our ambitious goal to drastically increase the number of transplants we facilitate by 2015.”
Michael Boo

Chief Strategy Officer, National Marrow Donor Program

“The BSI Certification goes far beyond studying the theory & history of a balanced scorecard management system. This course gives individuals the tools necessary to build, implement, and manage a comprehensive tier 1-3 scorecard at their own organizations. The knowledge & skills gained are successful combination of theoretical & practical application that empower students to facilitate construction of this scorecard from the ground up”

Shella Blackburn

Manager Corporate Performance, Mission Essential Personnel.

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