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Wednesday , March 04 , 2015
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The Balanced Scorecard - Who's Doing It?

Increasingly, as balanced scorecard (BSC) concepts become more refined, we have had more inquiries asking for examples of organizations that have implemented the BSC, how the BSC applies to a particular business sector, metrics are appropriate for that sector, etc. This section provides a database of working balanced scorecard examples that our research has located.

By 2004 about 57% of global companies were working with the balanced scorecard (according to Bain). Much of the information in the commercial sector is proprietary, because it relates to the strategies of specific companies. Public-sector (government) organizations are usually not concerned with proprietary information, but also they may not have a mandate (or much funding) to post their management information on web sites.

Recent Success Stories:

Shat-R-Shield: Working ON the Business

CEO Karen Ponce reflects on the company's balanced scorecard journey and why it "netted more income in 2010 than in the history of the company."
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Kenya Red Cross: Always There

By "revolutionalizing the strategic thinking process," Kenya Red Cross is now prepared to fulfill their promise to the peopel of Kenya: "Always There." Read about their experience with the Balanced Scorecard Development Process or View their Scorecard.

Kenya Red Cross 


Eating the Elephant One Bite at a Time

The Douglas County Government shares their "eat the elephant one bite at time" approach for how they strategically aligned their organization from the top floor to the first floor.
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Douglas County, CO 


AMEDD Finds Direction in Strategic Planning

The Army Surgeon General and Commander of the US Army Medical Command champion the use of the balanced scorecard as "the principal tool by which they improve operational and fiscal effectiveness and better meet the needs of patients and stakeholders."
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Charlotte, NC 


Award for Excellence

The Institute honors Mecklenburg County, NC with an Award for Excellence for successfully transforming the county government and positioning it for tough times.
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Charlotte, NC 


Scorecard Driving Strategy at Veolia Water North America

With a new CEO and ambitious revenue goals, Veolia NA first successfully implemented a balanced scorecard and then integrated the scorecard deeper into its organization using an e-learning tool. 
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Veolia Water 


Success Story: NMDP Turning Vision into Action

The new strategic planning effort at the National Marrow Donor Program, dubbed Vision into Action, has driven creative thinking around how to improve efficiencies and cost effectiveness and get people thinking about how NMDP could more than double transplant volumes within five years!
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Putting Out Fires (Literally) with a Balanced Scorecard

The Northwest Fire District (AZ) needed to re-create its strategic plan and decided to use the Institute’s framework to ensure the plan met the needs of its stakeholders. 
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View the NWFD Strategic Plan >>




The following link will take you to our compilation of data on organizations that have reported at least a partial adoption of the balanced scorecard:

Adopters of the balanced scorecard (in alphabetical order of organization name)


Balanced Scorecard Examples

Below we offer links to some files and publications that will show you what the documents and results of balanced scorecards look like.  Although these all differ in format and details, they serve to illustrate the visual effectiveness of the balanced scorecard approach to strategic management. (Note: these documents are the products of their respective organizations, not the Balanced Scorecard Institute).

Non-profit Organizations:

Oak Knoll Academy - A primer on development of a management strategy for a fictitious private school, by Balanced Scorecard Institute Associate Dr. Lawrence Grayson. A strategy map for the school is also available.

Vinfen Corporation - A private, non-profit human services organization based in Cambridge, MA. They recently published a scorecard and a newsletter that provides details about their strategic plan and performance measures.

Government Organizations:

Defense Finance and  Accounting Service (DFAS) - Example of a balanced scorecard-based strategic plan for this world-class financial organization, and some additional information about how it was developed (Nov. 2001).

Federal Avaiation Administration Logistics Center - A highly customer-focused organization with a balanced scorecard-based strategic plan. Their original plan is a rather large (37 MB) file, so we have removed the graphics and here we provide the text content only, in order to reduce the file size.

Department of Energy Federal Procurement System- One of the early Federal Government adopters of the balanced scorecard. Continues to lead by example with this FY2003 Performance Assessment.

Department of Energy Federal Personal Property Management Program - Example of a balanced scorecard for a major government program.

Government Strategy Map Example - Example of a generic strategy map for a government organization on the Federal, State or local level.

Commercial Organizations:

Regional Airline - A strategy map, with objectives, performance measures and initiatives in the balanced scorecard framework.

Credit Card Company - A generic example of a possible strategy map for an innovative credit card company.

More coming! If you would like to share your balanced scorecard plans and/or results with the world, please contact us.



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Are your employees strategic thinkers? Are you?  How can you tell? How one answers one question is a dead giveaway.
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Gaming the System at the VA

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Imagine you take your car to the car dealer to get serviced. Before you give your car to the service manager you see the following performance statistics posted on the wall:
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  • Number of people who requested an appointment but didn’t get one—46,000
Not too reassuring is it. Would you leave your car or look somewhere else?
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