Practical Strategy Development and Goal Setting – Communicating What Matters

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Practical Strategy Development and Goal Setting – Communicating What Matters

Recorded May 3, 2023

strategy goalsOrganizations benefit from a focus on strategy and performance results. But many organizations do not create strategy and goals in a disciplined way, making strategy communications and employee buy-in difficult to achieve. The result is not everyone is onboard and focused on results and performance.

The journey to creating a high-performance organization begins with a disciplined process for strategy development and goal setting and continues with communicating the strategy clearly throughout the organization.

This webinar will share lessons learned and best practices around strategy development and translating strategy into action, learned from international engagements with over 300 organizations in all sectors. The webinar presenter is Howard Rohm, President of Strategy Management Group/Balanced Scorecard Institute, and the International Association of Strategy Professionals 2022 Hall of Fame award winner. Join Howard and host, Nichelle Granderson, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of BSI partner Strategy Plus (S+) Consulting for an engaging look at strategy and communications.


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