Strategy Execution CrumblingIf leaders do not have visibility into the enterprise portfolio of projects being approved and worked on, it is highly probable that they are flooding their teams with too many projects.

What does this look like? Some easy to identify symptoms are:

  • Using the same top performers on many projects
  • Projects being delayed due to people resource issues
  • Low enterprise project completion rate
  • Poor employee satisfaction with work/life balance
  • (My favorite) project team members not showing up to one project meeting due to sitting at another project meeting

Starting a process for the selection and monitoring of projects does not have to be complex. It does require, however, that leaders accept and act on the reality of what the symptoms are telling them. Like a dam, every enterprise has its max capacity. Leaders must understand this capacity to prevent disasters downstream.

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Richard Juarez, MBA, BSMP, PMP, KPIP,, is a Senior Consultant, Strategic Planning and Strategy Execution for the Balanced Scorecard Institute/Strategy Management Group. Richard is a performance management expert and thought leader who brings real-world planning and execution experience to his training and consulting engagements. Richard is also a secondary author/reviewer on A Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge® (BIZBOK® Guide), v 5.1; 2016.

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